Say “HI” to our Friends too!

Rancho Murieta is home to several locally owned and operated businesses that we would like you to recognize.  Take time to check out what our friends can offer by clicking on some of the links below.

Located less than a half mile from Rancho Murieta Airport:

We have a great onsite automotive repair partner and his name is Guy Shaw. You can find his info here:




Rancho Murieta Automotive Repair,

7443 Murieta Drive, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683

At Rancho Murieta Airport, Hangar A

Guy Shaw – (916) 354-8800


We also have a great friend (that has another form of transportation of the four legged kind) you can inquire about here:

Murieta Equestrian Center

“Located less than a half mile from Rancho Murieta Airport”